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TJ Boyce, from the “Bible Belt” of America, Houston, Texas, always wanted to pursue music. The son of a pastor and former professional runway model studied the historical southern sound rooted from old slavery, which later influenced his profound vocals. Years following Boyce moved to Midland, Texas a smaller town where he was exposed to a plethora of different cultures. Boyce expands “coming from Texas I was heavily influenced by pianist/keyboard player, Cleo Sample Pooky and Kris Days (Mint Conditions/Maxwell - Drummer).”

Starting at the age of 17, following in his mother’s footsteps, Boyce began singing in church. But it was not until he was on stage with a mic that he was a true performer. Boyce expresses, “I always wanted to be an entertainer, and it is where I am most comfortable.”

And an entertainer he is. However, Boyce is a number of things: A lover, fighter, friend, artist, and dreamer. “I am a person who believes anything I set my mind to do I can do...The gift I have been given doesn’t fall short of anything, no one else has been given this dream.” With a strong passion for writing and production it is no wonder he wants to fill the shoes of musical legends Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and Jay Z.

“I grew up on soul but with a hip hop influence. I am a musician, producer, writer, and vocalist. When I write an album I think of the entire production, therefore I think of the entire thing. I am blessed to understand the entire thing. I can do all of it.” Being true to himself, driving his passion and love of music with no major label backer he is calling his own shots. His tenacity and go get’em attitude is just the element to make him a true hustler to make the right moves in music.

With an eclectic fresh sound and a soulful vibe, Boyce states, “I have a lot of soul in my sound and that comes from my passion the music I create. I am passionate about my music and that comes from my stories about my life. I have a burning desire to be the best and live forever and that doesn’t necessarily mean physically. I want my music to live on forever. If you don’t have a legacy what’s the use of living.”

Fans are in for a treat, with Boyce’s track entitled, “No Panties,” It’s a record where one's imagination can take them in any direction. It could be love or lust. “But that’s up to that person that makes this record romantic or dirty,” Boyce points out. Boyce’s upcoming EP is called “The Life,” will give people a look of what is to come in the R&B superstars’ musical career. It will tackle a few subjects, be something sexy, but also discuss real life issues.